The Story of The "Twisted Poppy Boutique"

The Story of The "Twisted Poppy Boutique"

Once again, so very grateful you made it here!

I felt called to share the story behind The "Twisted Poppy" - so I hope you enjoy. Growing up I was blessed to have not only the best Mother, but mentor throughout life. Stephanie, my mother, owner of her own boutique for +18 years now was someone I watched, listened to, and observed since I was a little girl. I watched her successes along with her failures and one thing stayed the same - we believed in a shared dream. If there is one thing she taught me it's that the relationships and friendships you find within your business is what makes it worth e v e r y t h i n g. So after years of prayer, saving, graduating college, and working under other multiple clothing boutiques I was finally able to chase my dream - Starting my own clothing boutique. The name takes ahold of a special place in my heart. My mother lost a daughter before me and her name was Camille. It is one of those unfair parts of life we carry with us, but my Mother chose to remember her by a "Rose Flower" tattooed on her wrist as a heartfelt reminder. I wanted to continue the flower theme and picked the "Poppy Flower" because it is known as a symbol of (hope and remembrance of those who have passed on). My goal is truly to make others feel not only beautiful, but comfortable in their own bodies. The world is hard enough to fit the "beauty standard" - clothes don't need to make it worse. So, I welcome you to this NEW revelation of unique, stylish, and comfortable line of clothing. ENJOY!


Meredith - Twisted Poppy Boutique